Do you want to pass the Patent Bar? We've teamed up with Wysebridge and we can help!

Posted over 1 year ago

I work at a law school with a really significant IP program (lots of night students who hope to work as "tech specs" or patent agents before converting to becoming patent attorneys after graduation).  Over time, I've learned that the patent bar is no joke: the questions are challenging and require detailed knowledge of the underlying law.  Making it all the more challenging, there are few chances for people who want to take the patent bar to get exam-relevant training in law school.  Well, one company, Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, does a stand-out job of training people to pass.  We've partnered with them, so that users of this site can learn the core Patent Bar content (more than 500 cards) using content they've written.  So, not only do you get amazing content through Wysebridge, but now you can benefit from our spaced repetition algorithm and learn far more, in far less time!  Click here to sign-up for the Wysebridge Patent Bar Deck!